Month: August 2009

Crunchbag linux … i think i like it!


Update 2017 – The post below was written a couple years ago.  CrunchBang has been discontinued but replaced by Bensen Lab’s Hydrogen.

Now based on Debian Jessie – this has been updated some what but still comes with much of the CrunchBang goodness 🙂

You can get Hydrogen here :

First impressions — hmmm … could be a keeper.  for the terminal program alone …  Crunchbag replaced gnome-terminal with Terminator.  Took me a while to get used to it, but I think its going to become my primary terminal program.crunchbag

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Web “scraping” the easy way

Quick Intro:  Say you go to the ABC website and want to get the contents of the alert at the top of the page, which is enclosed in a <div> with the class “alertContent”.

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