Month: September 2009

Mac OSX Leopard – Overriding DNS

As a web developer,I have to move sites around frequently. Sometimes this can be tricky accessing both websites before/after the move has occurred.

One case is trying to get to the “old site” after it has been moved.  This can be accomplished using a special file on a Mac (and all *nix based systems) named /etc/hosts.

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Bing Misses the mark – BING Failure #2

I have been doing a little Geneaology research lately and found that my Great Grandfather sold a family product named Laws’ Bluing – which was a laundry additive to whiten clothing.  Google gives me 10 results for the search of “Laws Bluing”.  As much as I hate it, I decided to give a try.   I think they missed the mark just a little …



Using mosmap on your Joomla Contact page

Want to integrate the mos_map plugin to appear on your Contact Us page? here’s how

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Mac OSX : Controlling your CD/DVD Drive from the command line

One of the things I love about my Mac is the access to the *nix command line.  Controlling your CD/DVD drive from the GUI is something that may work well on a “real” mac, but on my “hackintosh”, some times it doesn’t work as expected.

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