Month: October 2016

Canon MG2900 Wireless scanning on Ubuntu

I recently bought a new wireless printer/scanner combo.

Configuring the printing is normally fairly easy but the scanner was a little more difficult. After trying to use the standard sane based drivers and utilities, I had to fall back to the manufacturer and thankfully they support linux 🙂 Read the Rest…

Linux Networking

Tips and tricks on how to enable network features on Linux, such as network bonding, VPN, firewall, IPv4 vs. IPv6

Linux Logos

This category will try to give some historical background on some of the various Linux logos and mascots.

Linux Disk I/O Tips and Tricks

This category will be for various linux based disk tips and tricks such as making a block by block copy of your disk with dd, creating a bootable USB drive to test drive your next Linux flavor, troubleshooting, etc