OSX – Right click to play VIDEO_TS folders

Cool.  Have a bunch of DVD VIDEO_TS folders on your hard drive?  Use Automator to open them with DVD player

First, find a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive – right click, go to “More” -> “Automator” -> “Create Workflow”. 



This will launch the automator app with the select VIDEO_TS folder set as the target in “Get Specified Finder Items”:


Click “Movies” under “Library” – then double click “Play DVD” to add it to the work flow.  Set the “Source” as “Use VIDEO_TS folder from previous action”:


Save the work flow as “Play Movie”-


then in Finder, you can right click on any VIDEO_TS folder, go to “More” -> Automator -> and the new action “Play Movie”  will be there.


There might be an easier or alternative way to do this, but works for me!


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